Our Story



We were holding our baby girl for the first time when it dawned on us that throughout our lives we had maintained an expectation that this world would proceed as it always had - that we could continue to use our Earth's resources without the consequences directly affecting us. 

Looking into the eyes of this precious new life, we realised our daily choices would directly impact our children, and we needed to consider the ways that we could make a lasting difference in this world.


From this emerged the experience that is EMBER Active Wear.


EMBER is a home where we share our visions and passions with the world by utilising sustainable and ethical materials, creating unique designs and artworks that celebrate nature and sustainable processes. 

We have infused EMBER with our passion for nature and adventure.
From childhood, our parents involved us in hiking, rock climbing, horse riding and a myriad of other adventures.
We desire the same life for our children and a world where this is possible. 


EMBER gives us this opportunity.