Fabrics and clothing care


You may have picked up at this point, that at EMBER we are pretty keen on this sustainability thing. This is why we have sourced a wide variety of ecologically friendly materials and have gathered some more information for you on these materials so that you can make an informed choice about the clothing you wear and the products you use.


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Bamboo is a fast growing, easily replaceable source. It thrives without the use of pesticides or fertilizers and is 100% biodegradable.  Bamboo also contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties to help fight body odor-  (See our Natural deodorant if you want a little extra help!) Best of all it is oh so very soft and smooth against your skin!

Bamboo is durable and keeps your body cooler in hot weather and warm in cool weather making it perfect for outdoor activities. 



Econyl is a nylon material that is made by a process of recycling fishing nets, plastic bottles and other human waste that is polluting Earths oceans. 

Econyl material is lightweight and quick drying. The stretch in our econyl tights and swimmers is just perfect for yoga, running or rock climbing!


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Organic Cotton 

While cotton is hugely important to society, it is also responsible for $2 billion dollars worth of chemical pesticides each year. What?!

However, the organic cotton that we use in our products is grown using methods and materials that that do not involve chemicals and have a positive impact on the environment and  are breathable and comfortable.

Organic cotton production systems assist in maintaining and replenishing our soil, providing nutrients to assist in expanding diversified agriculture. Cotton clothing at EMBER is under strict third- party certification to assure federal regulations are met.






Also known as Lyocel, Tencel is a sustainable fiber created from wood cellulose that is carefully harvested and replanted. It is commonly labelled the 'greenest crop'. Tencel is produced using recyclable, eco-friendly solvents. Tencel is wrinkle resistance and feels delightfully silky and smooth to the touch. Tencel remains cool and breathable in hot weather making it the perfect selection for hiking, cycling or running!