Long Sleeve Parrot Tee- Organic Cotton

Long Sleeve Parrot Tee- Organic Cotton


This gorgeous cotton kids long sleeve tee is 100% organic! No nasty chemicals here on your little ones soft skin!!

Beautifully decorated with printed eco- friendly paints this rich organic cotton long sleeve tee is perfect for keeping your little ones toasty warm while camping or lounging around the house during winter!

  • Certified Fair Trade

  • Made with 100% organic cotton

  • Ethically and sustainably made

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Tips for the care of your beautiful naturally dyed garments:

While we strive to keep each batch the same, these garments are meticulously painted by hand, so please expect some variations in colour or patterning. It is important for the longevity of your sustainably and ethically made items that you adhere to the following care instructions when cleaning (not sticking to these guidelines may result in fading of both the dye and paint):

For the first wash, please wash separately as there may be a small amount of dye pigment left in the cloth that could stain other items.

Dry out of direct sunlight

Hand wash in cold water

Use non bleaching soaps

For any questions regarding the care of your sustainable items please contact us emberactivewear@gmail.com