Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant



Free of nasty chemicals and perfect for sensitive skin, EMBERs Natural Deodorant is incredibly effective at getting rid of unpleasant body odor!

Our natural, handmade deodorant works by altering the pH of your armpit - creating an environment in which the bacteria that causes body odor are unable to live. All while allowing your skin to breath.

Our formula for natural deodorant contains no bicarbonate soda, so it is absolutely perfect for sensitive skin types and is unnoticeable once in place!

Your natural deodorant can be easily applied with a finger tip and will arrive in a beautiful metal container that can be recycled after use.

For information on use and tips please see below.

Lets recap;

  • Natural

  • Handmade

  • Recyclable

  • Supports small business

  • 100% Australian made

Disclaimer* This product should be stored under 30 degrees


Vitamin E oil, Lemon essence, Lemongrass essence, Tea tree oil, Almond oil, Shea butter, Mango butter, Coconut oil, Beeswax, Milk of magnesia, Arrowroot powder, Zinc oxide

Note: If you have allergies to any of the above ingredients or experience adverse effects with the use of this product please discontinue immediately and seek medical advice.

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More about Our Natural Deodorant

How to use:

Thoroughly wash armpits with warm soapy water and completely dry. Apply enough deodorant to cover your finger tip and rub it into your skin until it has absorbed and TA DA! Fresh as a citric and coconut smelling daisy!

*Please note that different amounts will work for different people, a fingertip is what we have found to work best for the majority and we have also found that less is more!

Frequently asked questions

Why use a natural deodorant?

  • The huge list of nasty chemicals that are in most standard deodorants is a pretty big deterrent for us
  • Natural ingredients which all actively work to reduce that capacity of bacteria to propagate in your armpits without blocking up your pores
  • Economical
  • Eco- Friendly
  • Ethically and lovingly handmade by us, for you

We could write a book on why you should try natural deodorant (possibly not a brilliantly written book, but still), however we recommend that you do your own research and decide for yourself if you think, like we do, that the pros far outway the cons.

Is it cost effective?

Yes it is! Considering the fact that each use generally uses less than 1/4 of a tsp and your tin contains approximatley 85grams it lasts a long time! (The founder of EMBER says that she is still on her first tin after 6 months!)

Sounds good...does it actually work?

YES!! We have tried it on a wide range of smelly humans and have received great feedback! Please be aware of the detox period though, as you may assume that your deodorant is not working during this phase. Please read below for more information on the detox period.

The detox period?

Detox period? What? For some people, when changing over from standard chemical based deodorants to natural deodorants, there is a detox period. This means that you may be super excited to start using your brand new natural deodorant, you do everything by the book to apply it and two hours later in a business meeting you start to smell something. Its you. No denying it. This stinks, you think. Literally and figuratively. What on Earth is going on?? Unfortunately in some cases, due to the harsh chemicals used in standard deodorants your body goes through a purge of nasties. This detox can last from 2 days to 4 weeks. More typically around 2 weeks. But please don't give up!! This is actually a really good thing! Your body is getting rid of all the toxins that have accumulated over the years. It does get so so much better, I promise!

*Founder of EMBER Active Wear personal experience on the detox period:

*I had been using EMBERs natural deodorant for about a week, all was going amazingly well and I was so chuffed with the product and with myself for making this small but significant change in my lifestyle. Knowing that it was great for me and the environment? Love it! Then one day I went out hiking with a friend and our baby girls. A smell started to drift up, made all the worse for the heat. It was...potent. Thinking it was just the fact that we were hiking and were dirty and sweaty and in the hot sun, I wrote it off as a one off. The next two weeks I smelt horrible. What on Earth was going on (this was prior to me reading the bit about the detox stage). I felt so demoralised that this great product didn't seem to be working. However after a little research I realised (or at least strongly hoped) that this was the detox period, and so I persisted. Really it wasn't so bad, while I smelt awful it just meant I had to a have a couple of showers and not waft my pits at anyone. I think it was one of those situations where you can smell you, but no one else has noticed.

In the end it paid off terrifically and I am so glad I went through with it. Using natural deodorant I dont smell or sweat anywhere nearly as much as I used to, even when I havent applied deodorant that day! I will continue stocking this product that I believe so strongly in. I smell fantastic and my body feels great!

Will it stop me sweating?

It is important to note that EMBERs natural deodorant is not an antiperspirant. It will not stop you sweating. However many of our testers feel that they do not sweat as much since using it. While we have not researched this phenomenon, could be because their bodies are not fighting against the pore blocking chemicals in standard antiperspirants, but this will differ with the individual.

Can I do multiple applications throughout the day?

We have found that our deodorant usually works really well for around 8-10 hours, however, if you feel the need to reapply it, of course you can! If possible though we would suggest rewashing your arm pits as the bacteria causing the smell will otherwise still hang around and it won't be as effective.

What does it smell like?

EMBERs natural deodorant has a deliciously tangy yet subtle lemon and coconut scent.

Do we use our own natural deodorant?

Why yes we do, and you know what, we LOVE it! Nothing speaks for your product better than using it yourself.

Will it stain my clothing?

So far our testers have never brought this up as an issue.

What does it feel like?

No chicken wing arm flapping here as you madly try to get your deodorant to dry before work! Honestly, it feels like a very slightly oily zinc, once its rubbed in however, nothing. Not wet, not oily, just deliciously fragrant.

Fingers? For applying deodorant... bit weird?

Not really, you apply creams with your fingers? Same thing. You will be surprised how quickly you get used to it.

I have used other natural deodorants with Bicarbonate soda in them and broke out in a rash, will this happen with EMBERS natural deodorant?

We are bi carb free!! No soda rashes here! Our founder has sensitive skin and so, said no to the Bicarbonate soda. Having said this, if you have any allergies to the ingredients please do not use this deodorant and if you do break out in a rash please discontinue use immediately.