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                 Ethics and Sustainability


 ‘Every moment is a chance to define what we call typical’ – Land of the Living – Roo Panes

Here at EMBER we are calling sustainable, recycled and ethical products our new typical. However such a mission does not begin with us, rather it begins with YOU.

You, the consumer, hold all the power. It is within your power to hold the fashion industry accountable by saying ‘No, we will not support a fashion industry that reduces this world’.
As caretakers of this planet we have the responsibility to look after the land we walk on, to minimise our impact and safeguard this Earth for the generations to come.

It is also our responsibility to always strive for improvement, and at EMBER we take that responsibility seriously. Our clothes and products are all environmentally friendly and ethically made, and we are passionate about supporting local artists in the creation of ethical products.

EMBER utilises fabrics that are organic or recycled and are always sustainable and ethical. This includes Econyl and polymides that are created from recycled plastics and fishing nets that have been scooped out of our oceans, organic cottons, sustainable bamboo and Tencel – also known as the ‘greenest crop’.

In addition to our conscious fabric choices, at EMBER we aim to ‘keep it local’ by supporting Australian and New Zealand countries wherever possible. And often keeping it local means doing it ourselves! Our dyes, stencil designs, prints and beauty products are all lovingly (and a little painstakingly) crafted by us! We love what we do and we love sharing it with you!

So whether you surf, rock-climb, dance or perform your Savasana on a mountain top, join us on this epic, conscious adventure – we will be with you all the way!